Saturday, 25 January 2014

The best scenic break - Milan

I got this in an email with the script 'I bet you go wow!'
I did.
No other info apart from what's on the credit. Surely wins a prize for one of the most original scenic breaks.


  1. Lovely photo although it triggers off my vertigo a bit!
    Milan still has electric trams, including some old Peter Witt cars which I think are pre WWII.
    My old school mate Ben has visited and is making a start on modelling the electric lines so perhaps he will know.
    Off to Barton-Le-Clay..........

  2. I don't "do" foreign, but boy that twists my arm!

  3. That is a bit special.
    Internet's a funny thing. Just from what was on that image I found this which includes a ground level shot at that exact same position, revealing the double track just out of frame. Great shots of what looks like the tramway's main shed as well and preserved locos. Italian text though. Research for an Italian tramway layout would sure beat tramping around N Wales!

  4. Hmm, the current Voie Libre has a track plan for a small space urban tramway and that could almost be a scene from it. Brilliant