Thursday, 6 February 2014

Going Roco 3

Cab and roof on and just all the tidy up and sanding to sort out. There'll be some strapping to go around the back end to sort of match with the Roco and an exhaust pipe - probably from a little scrap of Gem point tubing and some random works plates from Uncle Steve at Narrow Planet.
On a different tack is there an explanation why this post from two years ago is suddenly getting hundreds of hits? Is there a sudden interest in 1:24 scale again?


  1. Looking good.......I have always rather liked the Roco/Atlas/etc. range since I bought the little 0-6-0t which was my first 009/H0e loco back in about 1979.

    It seems a bit odd to me that neither the diesel nor the steam loco have ever really had the sort of attention from modellers that the old Egger-Bahn stuff did, perhaps it's just because they have usually been available rather than having some sort of "rarity" value?

    Still busy hacking away at bits of etched brass to add to my diesel fleet.......

  2. The diesel was my first NG loco as well - after the man in Hattons dissuaded me (in retrospect quite wisely) from a double Fairlie kit.

    If this project is 'going Roco' should it be named 'Acapulco'?

  3. Uncle Steve: If you can get it on a small enough plate, it'll go on.