Thursday, 6 March 2014

One lift - part two

The RocoLoco posed on the quickly developing Edge.

There's been a small deluge of reaction to yesterdays post, though as with all these things some of it starts to wander away from the original questions. CP sent an interesting idea via email with the to be expected sketch which I will put up here if I convert it to jpeg. basically it folds the FY around the front of the layout on a vertical hinge, thus forming a small box.

The original question was not the track plan per se, but the idea of a small one lift item that could be dropped onto a table (possibly with some fold-up legs as well, with a drop down or swung-out FY. Think aircraft carrier plane... remember when we had carriers AND planes to go on them?) The whole lot would be carried in in one trip and be put up faster than a Russian flag in a Crimean town hall. The scale/gauge is/are not important at this stage, just the transport design. it has to be one piece and a box with stock electrics etc.

In case you didn't know there is a small show at ARUNDEL on Saturday. If you get in early you may even get a Mrs F. cooked bacon sandwich, or if we get lucky on the drive over, some interesting road-kill.


  1. Pity I shan't be at Arundel to continue the Discussion , mine was the anonymous comment yesterday.
    Exhibiting Hemlock at Huntingdon ,also a Clash with Kingsbury

  2. Chris - great idea. Alas I shall be in Brum for the 3mm do hope the goes well.

  3. Mmmmmm.....roadkill......I'll see what I can scrape off the front of the train tomorrow!