Monday 5 May 2014

Ffestiniog slate wagon.

I've had this FR slate wagon in the drawer for ages. Built from a Parkside Dundas kit and painted in Humbrol  70 acrylic. About 2.00 this morning I had the bright idea of making a load for it...

The basic material for this is some 5 thou-ish plastic in strip form that I've also had for years. Strip form as it takes the shape of litmus testers that the mother or one of the earlier Mrs. Fs. used for a while. So while it's handy for the job in hand, it has to be remembered that my ex mother-in-law has peed on it.
Not withstanding that, it was sliced up into lengths which were glued together and then varied a bit as per a lot of the photos I have of the prototype gravity trains, with mostly one size of slate, with a few larger sizes to pack the thing tightly.

Took about three hours. A tedious job... but...


  1. Very impressive young Sir, but surely that is taking authentic weathering to extremes isn't it? I do hope you washed your hands after the 3 hours restoration job.


  2. I always washed my hands after I'd been anywhere near her.