Thursday, 1 May 2014

New(old) stock for Tal-coed

I was handed a pile of stuff from the estate of Laurie Maunder, mostly 009. It included these two GEM w/m wagons already built. The problem I had was that they seemed to be reversed colours - the open was black and the van weathered red. The colour photos I've seen of these seem to suggest the opposite. So while I left the construction as it was a repaint was need to settle my mind.
Weathering and couplings to go on ready for the Salisbury show next week and SWING the week after.
Tal-coed is taking on a definite FR bias.

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  1. I might have seen them trundling through Phyggy (spelling?) Bank on Laurie's loft layout some time back in the end of the seventies/ beginning of the 80s. Laurie provided the venue for a NG modelling group and I'd bus over to Crowborough from Tunbridge Wells and hitch-hike back. I left the area in '82 and didn't see him again.
    Colin Smith