Wednesday 4 June 2014

Point control to ginger tom

 This is proving quite slow going. I was quite nervy about getting the first point linked up. Older readers will remember the points for this project being built quite a while ago and at the time I don't think I was considering what switching system to use. To go with my standard set up I needed a throw of about 2mm to match the blade movement. This more or less matches the throw on the smaller DPDT sliders that I use for PECO 9mm track... but it's tight.
I linked up in a reverse fashion to usual, putting the wire through the switch hole first and then trimming to length at the front. The wire end is bent and dropped through a hole in the tie, and a generous blob of solder added to secure.
It occurred to me how much of a recycled project this is going to be: the rail (so far) is scraps from Nigel's cupboard and the wire-in-tube is stripped out of Rhiw. Never let it be said that I waste any money.


  1. You could try drilling the hole parallel to the switch direction of movement, then before inserting the wire slip on a 'collar' from fine tube, wire through switch, add another 'collar' and solder to operating wire such that switch pulls / pushes on the 'collars'. Simples