Thursday, 9 October 2014

Infinity and ...

After a ridiculous amount of discussion yesterday the way forward is now a bit clearer. The swampy land of physical material, ideas, time and life balance was getting a bit mushy and a few decisions had to be taken. I had thought that the 5 year plan would have to be abandoned, but it stays... loosely. Though a new item has grow out of it: the 'side-order'.
The immediate upshot is the quick resumption of work on Morton Stanley after a brief conversation over the weekend which means it has to be ready by March. Followed by one of the choice-layouts which came quickly down to the Art of Compromise which can be built for next to nothing as everything is in stock, an important issue in these cash-strapped time. this would give Mr. Hill and I four exhibit-able pieces. Now all we need is (only) one days shows to take them to.

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