Thursday, 27 November 2014

My dog's got no nose...

I'm in empty car park mode at the moment.  Morton Stanley has come to a bit of a temporary halt and there is no other definite project to aim at. Is this a bad thing? Possibly not. Without moving my head, I can see on the bench, an EM point, a half-built Y6, a 16mm i.c. under carriage, a spud and a Fleishmann 212 chassis. Joined up thinking not a strong point at the moment. I just keep dabbing at little things and the dog is last night's. I think it is ABS, but anyway it's a well cast item hat has been in the box for a while and may appear on M Stanley. It looked sheepdog-ish so I looked at some dog-porn to check colouring... black with white bits on nose and chest. So that's what it got. What I got was something which looked like a deformed Friesian cow, so it got a wash of pale grey and brown. Well it looks sort of dog-like.
 I pondered on the 212 chassis and it dawned on me that an 009 one of these might work, so taking a few published dimensions I roughed out a pencil sketch... huge. 92mm long and physically about the size of a 4mm Terrier and would need a fair bit of adjustment. I've always admired the bigger 009 stuff, but it takes some getting used to.

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  1. Hello CF

    Noticed you interest in the CVR No7, I have had the same thoughts on using this as a bases for a 009 Gauge engine. I ended up using the kato 11-107 chassis, got the body down to 80mm over couplings with not to much overhang. works on (9") 230 mm radius corners on a test track, has the same issues as the real engine with traction needs more weight in the body work. Have some pictures of model finished if you are interested let me know.


    D Hurst