Friday 19 December 2014

7mm scale painting

For regular readers (and I note that this page has been up and running for over five years and 800 posts, where did that go?) there's no need to explain that everything slows down around now as the workload trebles while I watch gay middle-aged men handing out sweets to under tens after they have done as they have been asked with full encouragement of the parents. The irony is not wasted on me that if this assignation happened on the street or in a park the police would be called, such is the paranoia surrounding such things these days and the double standards being dished out. But I digress.

What I am doing is a spot of painting. To be precise the two remaining buildings for Morton Stanley, built over the year by Mr. Hill and passed to me a week or so ago. It's slow going with multiple washes, but I'm getting there. The above base on a building on Gold St. Saffron Walden.


  1. What's the panto Chris & where is it?

  2. I take it this is the warehouse building to the left of the plan? I had to explain to Sue what the white areas of the building are; being from Arbroath, she hasn't quite got her head around clapboard yet......I think they tend to burn anything combustible to keep warm!

  3. Aladdin, Worthing

  4. You are doing much better than me on the blog, Chris. When you mentioned 5 years and 800 posts I was prompted to look at my own stats. I have 9 years, but only 138 posts! I'll have to get my finger out. All the best for the panto season and christmas.