Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wales 3

 Blaenau. This was a little weird. I'd only ever been here via the FR, not by car. We came in from the north, parked up, and looked for the town - there isn't one, unless they fold it up during the day; just housing. I found the geography of the place very confusing. It's so familiar through B/W photos and yet so much has gone from these historical views that I really couldn't get my bearings at all. We walked around and had a coffee still looking for signs of life, but the place seemed only inhabited by three mums pushing prams. I think the above view is the ex-GWR line from Bala which save for the weeds looked as though it could suddenly produce a train. below is Merddin Emrys running round in the low afternoon sun.
Well at least it wasn't raining.
 Fence for the end of Morton Stanley just resting in place - yesterday's project.


  1. I love the Merddin Emrys picture.Looks like the man's either leading a funeral cortege or should be carrying a red flag.

  2. Yes nice photo of the Fairlie. I'm surprised you found 3 mums actually as I did a long weekend in N Wales in March with my son a few years ago. Based in an out of season hotel in Llandudno, we covered the whole area in a 3 day trek around all the usual sites - N Wales was closed! Also made a lunch stop on the way back at Llanfair station - open but the sandwiches were "only for the volunteers, we've got some crisps you can have". Blaenau was exactly as you describe it (except for the 3 mums)