Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wales 4

And so to Porthmadog on the same day. The FR were packing up for the day and I suggested dinner in Spooners. This was enthusiastically received by Mrs. F. The food is very good and there's plenty of it. The disc signal is a bit iconic for me. Although they were common enough on early Victorian railways throughout the system, the FR was probably the last to have any in working order.
 I can't remember where this was, but it screams Airfix church so I stopped a took a couple of photos. The building below was on the other side of the track: the wrong shape for a privy and the door way to small for regular use so I'm guessing a fuel store of some sort.
Tal-coed set up today ready for Southampton at the weekend... after saying that I wouldn't do any two day shows.

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  1. Never say 'never' bruvver - it always comes back to bite you on the ass !!