Thursday, 19 March 2015

Up the workers!

And basically done - just a couple of tidy-ups to do. Oddly when put alongside the existing Morton Stanley coaching stock it looks OK; better than expected. Smaller of course, but then they are supposedly 3'6" gauge prototypes from Minicraft, whereas this is a dinky little quarryman's coach for 1'11" so there is a 5mm height and a 10mm width difference.
So the run down from the top: roof 40thou plastic covered with my usual bog paper canvas, Wills Taximan's Rest Hut kit used more or less as per with the additions of end curves from 60thou and a door window cut out and framed, door handles from 7mm NGA sales, 60thou bufferbeams, solebars and steps, rummage-box wagon chassis from Dapol. Oh and the glazing which is so clean you can't see it is a left-over from the LBSCR coach build from a while back.
I pondered about grab rails, but decided against. Reading the account in Boyd on how these fully enclosed vehicles came about meant that they were bare-bones construcion and built only under order to prevent workers travelling in semi, or completely open coaches or on slate wagons.

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  1. I'd never have guessed that it came from a Will's Taxi hut, a very effective kitbash!