Sunday 19 April 2015

Pastie express

I've not been well. No I'm lying. We've been away - for sun, sea, sand and warm soft things mostly filled with meat.
The target was to avoid any rail-oriented subjects, however, Mrs.F. is relentless in her ability to search these things out and hands me all sorts of brochures and info, dragging me kicking and screaming onto something on rails. Therefore expect a couple of items in the future with a Cornish bent.
First up was a smart move for St. Ives. Don't take the car - it's busy. Instead find St. Erth station off the A30, Park just down from the station outside the Jehovah's Witness car park, pay four quid and sit on a Class 150 and watch the scenery pass by.
The Cyril Freezer angle is obvious, but this is no longer the Tregunna influencing station, being a simple single line and platform. However getting off the train and standing inside THAT view that is in so many of the West Country rail albums does bring a smile. We walked back as far as Carbis Bay which is a steep climb from beach to station, but again, even though the buildings are no longer at the top of the steps, you're once again in a classic photo.

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  1. Looking forward to the piccies. Long had a soft spot for GWR branchlines.