Friday, 29 May 2015


Stepson No2 is in the RAF. We went to see him for the day. 'I'll show you round', he said. So self, Mrs F. and he piled into his Y reg Citroen Saxo - the one with the exhaust alternately hitting the road surface and the bottom of the car and drove round the base. After a while the road becomes the perimeter taxi-way. 'Are we OK to be driving on here?' asks Mrs F.  No2 Stepson produces a blue card from his pocket. 'Of course, I've got full runway clearance.'
After a minute we come round a slight curve with trees on, to be faced with a Hercules trundling straight towards us down the taxi-way - not fast, but with a certain amount of purpose. At this point I would have pulled into one of the escape lay-bys and waited. He with the 'full runway clearance card' panics and does a U-turn right across the taxi-way and drives back the way we came with the Hercules chasing the Saxo with self and Mrs F whooping and waving out of the windows.
No2 Stepson sweating slightly swings the Saxo into a maintenance yard.
 'Boy am I going to get a ring-whipping from traffic in a minute.'

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