Monday, 10 August 2015

Wagon question

I will try to get back into the rhythm of this. Expect a daily posting this week.
First up a question for the knowledgeable readers. This photo was shuffled over to me from Mr Hill, but neither of us know what it is or what it's for. Chunnel cars maybe? Note the articulated bogie set-up. At Micheldever.


  1. They are for the transport of (new) cars, Chris.......they run in sets and as you have no doubt worked out, the diaphragm between wagons is so arranged that the doors at one end of the set are opened, the cars driven in and can then be drive out at the other end of their journey, unsullied by scrotes with spraycans, bricks, etc.
    A rather fine N gauge r-t-r model was produced a while back by ATM Models:

  2. I knew you'd know about these.