Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ground floor

As predicted this is not a fast kit build. It took me a large chunk of yesterday morning just to do glazing and hang curtains at the windows. Once that was done I could start assembling the ground floor. Surprisingly this went quite well and everything fitted without too much problem. I think this may be the easy bit done - the roof looks somewhat tricky. Today though it's a bit of vertical tile hanging. The kit box indicated big arch-top windows for the first floor... unlikely in Sussex me thinks, so these are being cut down and re-framed with strip to produce square versions of about 4' across.
This is Sheffield Park on the Lewes-East Grinstead line and now the lower end of the Bluebell Railway - the LBSCR's 'cottage' style station house. The Wills kit is supposed to be representative of this, and while it gets the flavour it loses quite a lot of the Arts and Crafts type ornamentation. To some extent, if I were being true to the prototype, I wouldn't start here with this kit, but then that's not the point of the exercise.

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