Thursday 5 November 2015

Bargain books

Where I live there are number of second hand bookshops all of which are slightly specialist and all are worth an occasional look. The two at the top of the town are slightly more upmarket, but have tables outside for 'junk' sales. This is usually piles of orange spined Penguins, though there are odd gold nuggets.  On Monday I found the above. My liking for things Western and in particular Wales meant I looked at these. Bearing in mind that this is an 'antiquarian' shop and the owner is not really interested in selling anything less that 150 years old and not bound in the skin of elephant's testicles the junk is very cheap. The Cambrian book is packed with photos and the third of  price of a cup of tea at £1.00. The AEC (RRP £25) £3.00 Bargain or what?


  1. Bargain indeed, but a £3 cup of tea? Ye Gods. 50p here!

  2. Don't get me started on how much better off people are north of Watford with their cheap tea and beer and all the empty roads. £3.99 for a pint and large glass of wine in Yorkshire last week. I even queried that that hadn't undercharged me.