Thursday 3 December 2015

Milky bar 2

Not much going on as it's that time of year again. Panto with a load of people I've never heard of as usual. One of these TV twirlies made the mistake of 'coming to see where you all live' and 'isn't it nice down here, like a cave.' Not the kind of thing you say to a bunch of slathering musos who are about to spend a month in a basement starved of natural daylight and living on a strict diet of bargain Fosters and Pot Noodles with only a small blue light to see by. You can only imagine the smell. The bass player offered her a chocolate finger and she soon scuttled off.
Anyway... a few bits stuck together on the shunter using epoxy which I hate, and gaps filled with Squadron. Plus a few holes drilled for handrails and the like. Quite a different project this one. Lots of possible detailing work and a bit out of the ordinary.


  1. Ah yes. The Panto time of year. Loads of work at all hours. Be glad you are a muso. Those of us at front of house had the deep joy of the public and clearing up the vomit with bare hands...

  2. Hi Chris, don't know whether you've got it but I'm pretty sure there are photos of the prototype in the big Ian Allan "History of the Diesel Shunter" book...........if you haven't you're welcome to borrow my copy.

  3. I've always thought that FoH are the unsung heroes and I'm quick to point that out to the twirlies. No FoH and you'd be working to an empty room.
    Si: I have said volume on the shelf. Thank you.