Monday 11 January 2016


Back after all the seasonal fun and a week of tidy-up, on now to the serious business of getting a small mag out and some other modelling/writing. Much to my amazement as much as anyone else's the forth number of SRI has gone out as planned and I've just sent No 5 to the printers in Holland. No 4 has earned quite a bit of complementary feedback although I'm pretty critical as always. The mix is more even now than the earlier issues leading off with Peter Bossom's 3mm scale Thunder's Hill.

And as it only been a week since all the fun and games finished a little lip-sync piece has just been released. You have been warned.


  1. A fun video :-) The new issue of the mag is excellent, it goes from strength to strength. I particularly enjoyed "Thunder's Hill".

  2. Loved the video, and I really must get my subscription to Scale Rail.

  3. Really enjoyed the video. Looked like fun to make. Must admit to a little tear in my eye when I heard Bowie's voice on the soundtrack.