Saturday 6 February 2016

Merit OO figures

Merit OO gauge figures

While looking for something else (how many times do we do this) I found three or four Merit figures in a tobacco tin. They're a bit of a weird shape and a mile away from some of the quality cast and 3D current products - however...

Being that this is really a 70's/early 80's plan and again with Miles Bevan whispering in my ear I thought a little cameo group at the back of the layout sans-flag and bases might be fun. After all I can't really see where else I would use them.


  1. That made me chuckle. There's an account on Twitter, called Ambridge Synthetics, @ThePlarchers, where Lego figures represent characters in the Archers. They are posed with quotes from the programme and it's quite witty. Your figure group reminded me of them.

    1. Not Lego, Playmobile figures. And the occasionalgiant rabbit. It is brilliant though.