Thursday 21 April 2016

Southern loading gauge

Another head scratch moment. The rule of course is don't read instructions and don't read the label. The Ratio loading gauge ( is that really the correct term?) is marked SR/BR. Err...I can't find any picture in any Southern book which shows a similar bit of kit. The post itself yes, but not the rather convoluted lifting mechanism. What they all have is a bar across the top and 'jutty-out' bits holding cable/chains which hold the bump bar.
Keep the post, keep the bar and bodge the rest seems the likely solution.


  1. This is a bit of a heads up for me. I just bought one of these in the last few days. And following on from your post a quick Google search threw up an example at the preserved station, Midsomer Norton that looks a bit like the diagram and components.

    I'll probably just suck it up and build the model as is.

  2. There's one still by the line between Ham Street and Ashford at the site of the former Ruckinge Crossing, it features at about 51 minutes here:

  3. Ahh, but that proves my point. A prototype tucked away on the S&D is hardly 'typical'. Southern, yes, but it's stretching the point a bit. The typical is this one at Heathfield which crops up all over the region.


  4. I think I've found the one you're talking about. Nope, standard lifting bar with outriggers not like the Ratio kit.