Monday 15 August 2016


Reading reviews is dangerous, but this one on Amazon made me smile. If I had one aim during all the work involved, it was to make this happen.

"As an 'armchair modeller' of many years standing I have to say that this book is truly inspiring and sees me finally building something! So many 'dark arts' are explained in simple yet entertaining terms and even an experienced modeller should learn something new in these pages.

Even if your interests don't include the narrower railway gauges this book will be an invaluable addition to your layout building 'toolkit' and is thoroughly recommended!"


  1. Good show- I bought this last year, it really is an excellent book, and nice to see something on narrow gauge which not only contains info on all the different scale and gauge combinations, but which is up to date! No more grainy greyscale pics of lumpy Langley kits on knackered minitrix dock shunter chassis... Good show :)

  2. brilliant book thank you for righting this book