Sunday 6 November 2016

Triang coaches

Triang clerestory coach
The unfinished end.
Once in a while I shuffle a few things up and down on the Art of Compromise. Here a rake of Triang coaches wait to leave. This is a strange one for me. So much has been done and yet so much remains to be done; this end still has a Metcalfe Signal box perched in the corner waiting to be replaced by a Ratio kit and the starter signal needs to be worked out. Some of this particular question lays with the 'does it exhibit or not?' point. It was only going to be a home baby, but I've pondered of late about taking it out and even offered it to a well known Southern show. It would need a fair bit of work to get it there, not least of which would be working on all the stock. There is enough of it, but much is still in a straight out of the box condition and that all takes time.

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