Monday, 24 April 2017

Too many shows?

Late morning at an exhibition over the weekend. Almost empty rooms. Quality bad? No. Good publicity, name layouts and good parking etc. All the trade were complaining and I don't blame them. There were five shows on within a fifty mile radius of here and reports were that this was a similar occurrence on both days at all of them. Being that it wasn't Mother's Day or similar, I can only suggest that we have reached saturation point and either the interest overall is waning or there are just too many shows to choose from.


  1. It wasn't exactly heaving on Saturday morning either!

  2. I suspect nice weather. It's the time of year for garden centres so when the sun comes out, people aren't so keen on being in a sports hall.

    The world is changing. People model less and buy more so they don't NEED to visit a show as they aren't using the bits from the specialist trade. Those guys don't NEED to be there as the interweb allows then to trade all week.

    My guess. Mega shows will still bring in the crowds. Village hall events that don't need to make money will be fine. Those in between will struggle. This is a guess though and people have been saying, "There are too many shows" for 20 years...