Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not so quick

This'll only take about half an hour....
'Which one do you want?' I asked the customer. He pointed to the pub. Yuk. My least favourite and least convincing of the range. It took me  most of the day. They're very well designed, but I literally just put the bits together without any refining. If you were to double the time, paint all the edges, add drainpipes, decent chimneys etc, it would be better. But here I didn't think the extra effort would be noticed, after all the customer is only just five.


  1. Nice to see you posting again on your blog. I've missed your musings. Funnily enough, The Swan is one of my favourites of the Superquick kits but I agree with you about desirability of enhancement. Hopefully your discerning client won't notice. Grandson?

  2. A lot of the blogs I used to love have gone very quiet this year, or indeed gone missing.

    I've had the old Market House kit lying around for ages for possible use on an Ian Holmes design for a layout based on Kings Lynn I keep wondering whether to simply use it as a template ot to try and actually use it.

  3. The link below takes you to a page near the bottom of which is a rather nice hotel, based on the SQ model, well modified. Might have done better to change the windows, otherwise pleasing on the eye.