Sunday, 7 January 2018

Painting coach panels

An initial bit of painting on the Tri-ang following the same method as I used on the Ratio conversion earlier. The whole body was scrubbed with a very light soapy water solution and a toothbrush to get rid of 50 years of grime. Now I'm into the black raised beading with a small brush. I find this incredibly fiddly and can only do a bit at a time. It also looks terrible at this juncture so isn't very inspiring - no instant gratification here. I'm pondering whether to just do the ends and one side, after all....


  1. So you're not going to line it out Edwardian style then?!

  2. Hi Chris

    I painted a couple of Ratio 4 wheelers years ago and had the same difficulties. The results were crap.

    I wonder if the use of brush is a big part of the problem as controlling the paint flow is very difficult.

    Perhaps using something like a foam make up pad on a small stick with a paint that hasn't been tinned might get better results on the fine raised detail?

    Just a thought.