Thursday, 11 January 2018

Railway Modeller

Not one, but two RMs hit the mat this morning. Primarily due to it containing a speedily written piece by self for the Comment page near the back. Here I witter on about using a standard fiddle yard set up to fit multi scale/multi gauge small layouts. Hardly a new idea, but one that doesn't feature very much. Due to the twists and turns of the editorial pencil, my old mate Andrew Knights gets one and a half name checks as well. I do wish they wouldn't use the photo that was originally posed as a bit of a joke. Time for Craig to take a new one.
A quick flick through and the one that caught my eye was Handcross - a Rev Awdry plan from the 60s done with Setrack. Works surprisingly well.


  1. I have never met anybody who likes their mugshot..especially the ones they bring in for season ticket photocards.
    Handcross is great...nice to see someone modelling pre-grouping in 00 rather than something finescale...there are quite a few suitable bits of rolling stock and so on. I remember my E2....think i was still at school when they came out...and it was pretty cool to go and walk along the course of the old Crumbles ballast line where the prototype used to run (though I didn't take the model with me and make chuff-chuff noises).
    The overall idea of an oval with a terminus and "sneak-off" track is rather appealing, or would be if i had space.

  2. Hi Chris

    Handcross is really nicely done. There is a sense of space in the photographs that results from not overdoing the scenic elements.

    I know the 6 x 4 thing is passé yet here we have layout that with a bit of gumption could provide hours of operational fun.

    Also am I the only person who likes the idea of a roundy?

    I sometimes just like to watch model trains go around in a circle. Relaxing really.

  3. A mate of mine always says that there aren't enough trainsets in the world and I think he's right. I think Handcross I a cracking piece of work, as you say, understated and open. The purists will hate it because of the fairly crude E2 etc, but I'm impressed by how he's taken an old idea and made it work very well.

  4. I can only agree with your sentiments about Handcross. Not bad for a first layout, and he’s finished it, and he’s written an intelligent, witty piece about it. Makes a change. Talking of which, yours was up to your usual standard.