Thursday 8 March 2018

Shire Scenes cattle van 1

I haven't done a series on here fore an absolute age, so I thought this might be a good one to run. The Shire Scenes etch to go with the Ratio Iron Mink. This will be the final of the trio for the forcoming book now in the writing. This build isn't finished as yet so it could all fall over.
Above is what you get with the kit: a simple etch with two sides. Most of the projections either fold to the front excepting the lower panels which go to the rear. The instructions say to use super glue. I wasn't altogether happy with this , but ran with it for simplicities sake.

 The two flat panels folded up to the rear with a tiny smear of gel type super glue. The main problem with this is permanence and also the fact that you can scrape or brush excess solder away, dead glue is not so forgiving. Any slight bending the side caused the parts to ping away.

The strapping pieces are highly flimsy and care is needed not to bend. The same issues with the glue again - too much and it spreads, too little and it won't stick. It's fairly low tack as well so you have to stand there holding it for a while - solder would be instant. The two 'L' shaped hinges don't fold up. They're etched the wrong way around so need to be cut off flush and positioned loose. Just the tiny drop bolt is left to do here.


  1. I don't know whether it's the case with this kit, but I'm sure I remember the instructions for some of Shire Scenes' N gauge items stating that the etches had been treated with a lacquer to make them more suitable for super-glue....the problem with this being that it would probably need to be removed for solder to be used.

  2. Which I scratched off to get more of a 'key' on the part...