Wednesday, 28 March 2018

There be dragons

Another short series possibly coming up. How can you contain yourselves? This time a Dragon Models Rhymney Railway 6 ton brake. Read that again. 6 ton. Pretty is probably the best word. With a 7'6"" wheelbase it makes the iron mink based cattle van look positively huge.
I've not done a full etched kit for quite a while so it's into a finger-burning start with some nice thin overlays which needed riveting. I used a riveting tool that I bought at Scaleforum. No I didn't, I used some school compasses that I've have for 40 + years and tapped them with a pair of pliers to punch the dents through. The whole lot then curls up like a dead woodlouse and needs flattening out again before sweating onto the inner piece. It's small; 2 1/16" long. Not so much a brake as a drag.

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