Friday, 6 April 2018

New layout

There are questions. Question one is always why? But then why do anything? Question two is always what?
As I've spouted here before, the problem with having a fairly wide range of tastes, the what could be anything and not necessarily narrow gauge either. The back up question two is what do I need to clear/use up? This is probably the wrong way of going about it, but if you've been doing this a while and subject matter is not an issue, there is always rolling stock debris. This means that I could build a number of new layouts without a) spending too much, or b) doing too much work in the way of research, although this is a big part of the fun. There is always the 'Five year plan' to consider. Regulars will know that this has become a bit of a joke recently as it took eight years and didn't get completed. The original FYP was the following:
1. American HO switch yard or similar.
2. South Wales 80s OO.
3 Norwegian HO secondary line.
4. Small 0-16.5 (as a warm up to...)
5. O gauge early or light.

2, 3 and 4 got built. That's not to say there was a lazy element as there were a couple of 009 layouts along the way as well plus the AotC, so about seven layouts in under a decade. Which if you were on a numbers game is not too rough. 1,2, and 3 were originally designed to use a common FY which worked to a degree with the Rhiw yard being quickly transferred to Svanda. That's the history, but what about the future? Here's the possible new list:
1. American HO switch yard or similar.
2. Something  Southern Region (possibly Kentish) in 00.
3. Rhiw Two. The first version was abandoned after a few shows and the RM article for various reasons, but mainly the front operation which is just stupid as far as I'm concerned.
4. N gauge WR. A revisit of the Unnycoombe stock with a slight lean toward the diesels. I have a plan in my head. Although I did say never again with N.
5. Son of the AotC. The existing is on its way out of the door. However... I do like the concept (as unoriginal as it is). The problem that bugs me with the AotC is the track layout which is  unprototypical or un-typical if you like. The GWR and small stations in general don't/didn't work like that - it's  a trainset plan - I can do better, but with the same headgame.

Note there is no NG. Orne (009) still sits here, but has attracted little interest from anyone except particles of dust. There is however a thrilling deadline just the other side of the sunshine. Could I build the classic GWR terminus in seven months with the Croydon show (hello Richard) as a side bet? I sort of know the answer to that.


  1. Hmmm....I wonder whether the reason "Orne" has attracted relatively little interest so far is a lack of exposure (certainly on here)?
    There are a number of tantalising glimpses of what I assume are Orne under construction, but not much confirmation that is what they are.
    It's not tagged in the way your earlier layout projects are either....just a thought!

  2. I like the idea of "A Return to Unnycoombe"

    As for the AoC trackplan being untypical, your answer is in the same issue of the RM, it it clealy influned by South Leigh on the Fairford branch

  3. 2&3 sound like interesting projects. I always quite liked Rhiw, mostly because I thought the track plan with the two exits was quite nifty.

  4. Why? Because building layouts is fun. Small layouts more so, if you have a butterfly mind like me...

    1. Oh, I never go for the big plan - too many ideas. I find I'm recycling the old ones more now though. It's the building that works for me. Builder not player.