Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Farncombe signal box

A trip to Farnham saw me caught in a road closure east of Guildford. Being of a sat-nav free generation I kept my eye on the big shiny thing in the sky, headed east, then quickly north working out that I'd bump into a recognisable road sooner or later.
New routes are fun, especially if at the end of a suburban road you find a delightful level crossing with an intact box. A quick bit of research tells me that it's an LSWR Type 4 built by that company in 1897. It appears to have been switched out this year, but still stands it's ground for now at least. These things have a habit of disappearing in the dead of night before the preservation people get wind of demolition. I have to admit to a liking for these LSWR boxes with the windows wrapped around the corners. The LBSCR boxes are pretty and fussy, but this looks like a signal box should.

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