Thursday 17 May 2018

Painting backscenes

model railway backscene
Once upon a  I used to paint backscenes blue and add a few clouds. Now I lean the other way and start with white and add a touch of blue. Most of the back of this was already done so just the new ends and the inside of the wings which are 3" wide.

The bottom shaping will be fitted next and cut to shape. This will cover the canal section of the Morton Stanley picture and the transformation will be complete. The pros'arch will bolt to the top of the wing pieces. I pondered about making it all one piece as per the 009 Tal-coed, but remembered that it was tricky working through a hole for the scenics. This arrangement means I can have a separate pros'arch/ light rig in one using some LED strip. It also means that the edge will sit slightly out from the  front and, will possibly negate the front-in-shadow effect.

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