Tuesday, 25 September 2018

1970s offices

A while back I posted a photo of a quite delightful fuel tank near Stoke Mandeville. Swinging the camera to the left brings up these 1970s offices. Still in use, but looking a little worse for wear. The concrete pad to the right is the drip area for the fuel tank - or could it have been a weighbridge at some point? Most people will now buy a ready to plonk item for this sort of thing, but a few selected and altered bits of Ratio and Wills should sort most of it out in this low-relief scenario topped with some wet and dry for the felt roofing.

1 comment:

  1. For all that it's a square boxy building, capturing its character may be more of an enjoyable challenge than is first apparent. Getting the brickwork right (subtle colour variations, slightly inconsistent in places without being too much so) and those windows...especially making the glazing bars look right on the big ones etc.,etc...the decay on the soffit boards, slight angles on some of the downpipes but not so they look too pissed, and that little canopy on the nearer end plus the various small details notice boards, alarm bell(?) etc.
    You're right of course, most would just buy something near to it and be quite happy, but it would make a nice scratchbuild.
    I rather like this sort of building...pretty much ignored, very much "lived in", a bit tatty round the edges bit still sound.