Thursday 13 September 2018

Art of Compromise Railway Modeller

AoC on the cover. Go buy.


  1. Not the first time they have revisited it.

    I reckon you can do it with the Peco code 75 bullhead points, having played around with the templates. I'm still wondering if I could do a 16.5mm version and later convert it to EM

    1. Well done Chris, you can be forgiven for your drift into the land of the dark green engines for which mention of is punishable by excommunication in my own corner of the Realm, deep in ex Somerset & Dorset Territory (They even rubbed it in after the Western had taken it over in the early 60's before Dr Beeching finally killed it by allocating a pannier tank of all things as the Blandford station shunter!). Another little oak leaf decoration for your tunic next time you are banging the drums with the bootnecks - MIRM (Mention in Railway Modeller - again!)