Tuesday, 4 September 2018

DPDT switch

Point switches for the layout with no name. My usual simple set up with a slide switch to change the polarity lashed to a wire-in-tube set up to move the tie bar. 
First a 0.8mm drill through the handle as low as possible. There's a hole in the middle and the plastic is usually quite soft, so it struggles a little at first then pings out the other side when you least expect mostly into the fleshy part of your index finger.


  1. Have you considered drilling the hole in the slide switch front to back rather then through the side? "Tune" it for throw with a little bit of small diameter brass/copper tube soldered on fore and aft of the switch. Works well and saves buggering about with omega loops etc. It's also great for getting very clean puncture wounds in your thumb as experienced by yours truly when operating Ian Turner's Roestok which is where I got the idea from...............

  2. Other than soldering the tube on you can also use the brass clamps out of electrical connectors. That way you can fine tune the throw by moving them on the wire and re-tightening them.

  3. I've never used omega loops. I realised that the throw on a standard DPDT switch such as this one is near as damn it the same as the throw on a Peco OO point. Providing you leave about 1/2 inch of bare wire at each end, there's enough slop to take up any slack. I've been doing this for 20 years without any problems.