Friday, 7 September 2018

009 water tower - basic work

009 scale water tower built from scratch

The basic water tower shape
This is basically four new bits of Wills kit and a load of scrap. The new being sections of Wills vari-girder. A bit of plastic strip just inside the edge gave the tank something to sit on and the legs... ?

Well I note we've gone over to cardboard for cotton buds now, but not before I'd squirrelled away some tubes from the same item made of nasty planet destroying plastic.  I fished four of these out and set to cutting them down to 45mm  - 5mm to go inside and then stuck them on. Errr… no, I didn't. I tried to stick them on, but none of the usual solvents worked. No wonder they're not popular with turtles. I resorted to UHU and even that's not great; that, plus the obvious issues of trying to get them perpendicular and the same height.

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