Monday 21 January 2019

Aslolat model railway exhibition

Aslolat model railway exhibition
I have a short memory. If you cast your minds back a year I said this about the Astolat show. As I walked in the door it flooded back. Moral: read the old blog posts. Small-ish sports hall with very low lighting which didn't show the lower lit layouts off to their best, dire catering and possibly an over booking of trade.
That said it looked like no one else read the blog either as (at least initially) it was packed. As per last year it seemed like Bob Vaughn saved the day with Condicote which along with the one mentioned last year is small and beautifully formed. That, along with short chats with the great and good that had turned out to buy bits and bobs. Will I remember all this next year? Probably not.

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