Sunday, 27 January 2019

Southampton model railway exhibition

One of the 'must go' events is the Southampton club show which must be the biggest in the south now. Exceptionally well put together and a very high standard of exhibits. Unusually for these days it was hard to pick out a best, and the only thing missing was a N. American layout. Also unusually, being fairly well stocked with materials at the moment I didn't buy anything. The only thing that might have given it a higher score would have been Gordon Gravett teaching ballroom dancing. The return of the scoring system gives:
Show 10/10
Catering 9/10
Rucksacks 3/10
Others in a similar game take note, this is how it's done.


  1. Hi Chris, I too went to Southampton after work on Saturday, and while yes there were as usual some good layouts there I have got to add....put some lighting on your layouts!!!!!!!
    There were some I assume really good layouts but you couldn't see the detail and work put into them because you couldn't see it in the gloom! One of these layouts though had been quite clever in as much as they were using DCC with sound so you could at least find them in the gloom, gloom which is not un-typical in modern large halls. Rant over.

    John Bruce.

  2. Exhibition lighting is becoming more of an issue for me these days. It can make a real difference.