Sunday, 24 February 2019

Adding to the static grass experiment and Peco free van kit

Ratio grounded van body upgrade

Adding static grass to Dury's Gap
Working the static up a little. I think, as a few people have already said, that it's just another tool in the box, not the magic one hit as many see it as. You need to perhaps use it as a base (which is quite fast) and then work it up by adding ground foam and carpet underlay etc. I'm till using the old rubberised horsehair of old as a base for bushy clumps such as behind the stop block. The clump in the middle is a chunk of scenic mat just torn off the sheet and stuck down. All this donated stuff is making me think a  little differently, and yet I find myself still 'composing' the area in the same way as I usually do; just with different materials.

The van is the free kit that was stuck to the front of RM a couple of months back.

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