Friday 8 February 2019

Etched brass 009 coach

Etched brass workman's coach in 009 scale
This took a bit longer than I anticipated. However no burnt fingers and amazingly it runs OK... or will with a little weight under the floor. I can't understand why more people don't tackle these Worsley kit as they go together beautifully. Not as easy as a 3D print I suppose.


  1. They are described as "scratch aid" whereas 3D print are seen as RTR. I suspect the ratio of kits purchased to kits completed isn't so different between the two however.

  2. Unfortuntely the kit is wrong. These ran with inside bearings not axleboxes. See,1877.jpg

    The Knightwing kit from Mercian Models is correct.


  3. Well it's not wrong, it is just swayed toward what is logical with what is easily available i.e. pinpoint 9mm gauge wheelsets. Being aware of the discrepancy I've added a section in the book text suggesting how you could 'fatten' the outside bearings and re-drill to 1mm. It's no more difficult to mount them inboard, grind the pin points off and run as per the prototype. It just depends what you want and how much work you wish to do. 99% will do it as illustrated the 1%...