Monday, 4 February 2019

The tidy up closes

Surprisingly not much got binned. After taking everything out and going through all the boxes, accompanied by suspicious eye-raising from Mrs F., it got put into types and re-packed. The idea was to sort out what was in there, decide whether it was of further use and re align in sections so that it was easy to find and remove.
It came down to four possible layouts (six if you count the ongoing). Starting at the bottom left: the Teachers box and above are unbuilt kits, the Rhiw BR diesel stock, the ex AOTC GWR stock and buildings done for the GW book. Upper level: transformers and other control stuff and lesser used tools, 7mm NG and 009 bits and bobs and finally top right the old Einsford Mill USA stock which was highly cheap mid 1990s but would be extortionate to replace. Dury's Gap bits in front.
This all means that in theory  excepting track,wood and detailing stuff I could probably get a decade of modelling out of this without parting with any cash. Bad for the retailer - good for me. There are essentially three easy-build layouts in there that could either use the Morton Stanley or Svanda fiddle yards and that's excluding the 7mm NG.

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  1. Your comment about the Einsford Mill rolling stock being possibly extortionate to replace reminds me that I've come to the conclusion that nowadays most things are actually pretty easy to replace should you feel the need to. With eBay, Facebook selling pages etc. having decided you want something all you need to do is wait a while...ok, so some things may be more expensive but this will most likely be balanced by some being cheaper.
    The only things I would regard as difficult/impossible are those I've actually built...