Thursday, 7 March 2019

Dury's Gap - The pros'arch

Dury's Gap model railway
I'd said yes to doing the WGR show (see previous post) with a vague idea that I might get Dury's Gap ready in time. By Christmas this was looking unlikely for one reason or another and I'd mentally substituted Orne - same one-board-wonder format. Last weekend it suddenly seemed possible. This shouldn't be a surprise; let's face it the board was done and it's only four points and some flock. Last night the pros'arch went up: one length of 4" deep MDF and a sandwich of two pieces behind at each end to form a 6mm slot enabling it to drop over the side wings.

The name plate is still under discussion as the usual vinyl sign man that appears at exhibitions seems to have vanished.  The pros'arch is now painted and the rigging of some LEDs along the back is underway - more new things to try. Sunday morning set up now seems more likely.

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