Wednesday 29 May 2019

Altering the Dapol enginge shed kit

Altering the Dapol engine shed
'Needs a small parcels depot'. 
My first thought was to low-relief the new Wills modern factory unit. 'No, too modern.' Back to square one.
A trip to Crawley found me holding a folder with old RM's and it fell open at a Michael Andress piece from 1973 on turning the Airfix ES into factory buildings. This seemed like a way out of the conundrum. 
It's a fairly obvious chop: slice the back gable-end wall into three, use the two outer pieces as new ends and glue the sides together. It's a pretty rough kit due to its great age and I'm not 100% that I wouldn't have been better starting from scratch, but I'm trying to use as many of the kit parts as possible. It's sort of fun and sort of not.

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