Friday 30 August 2019

Maryport coal

A few weeks back a small stop-off was made at Carlisle (more on that later). As one does I ambled down to the end of the platform away from the regular passenger types, camera in hand. Fans of ghost signs will appreciate the lettering, but it throws up questions. Currently a venue for small children, but is the sign original, has it been restored and why? Or has it just never gone away?


  1. We used to live in Carlisle; there's quite a lot of original paintwork surviving in the city (the Emergency Water Supply -EWS- signs, crop up on random walls all over the place, originals from the days of WW2). It wouldn't be surprising if this was the original sign and had managed to simply be ignored and survived all this time...

  2. I do think that there is some sort of plan as the building has been partially re-roofed and the end wall rendered and fairly freshly painted. I can't imagine that the sign was not considered during any work in the last 100+ years.