Thursday 15 August 2019

Peco Model Scene figures

Peco model scene figures
Planting a few details on the platform of Hopwood. Time was pressing, so a look at the new sets of 4mm passengers from Peco/Model Scene. All pre-painted which suited me fine and less work than my usual Airfix/Dapol method. The only modification was a light touch with a file to flatten off the soles of the feet - theirs not mine.  The whole layout is starting to take on the air of something built in the 1960s albeit with plastic sheet rather than brick paper.

Incidentally, the layout is pencilled in for a few shows already: DEMU showcase and Global Rail in the late spring and the WRG show a little earlier. Dates when I get them myself. Though it may sneak out before that; again details to follow.

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