Friday, 9 August 2019

youtube rambling

Firstly thanks to the handful of people who got in touch asking if I was OK as I hadn't put a post up for a couple of weeks. 1. I've been away and 2. there are outside family issues, not that I've not been busy on Hopwood or any other modelling.

Something I've been looking at recently is the video question. A while ago I ran a short vid on the workbench here and got a lot of negative comment vis-à-vis the 'rush to video'. I took that on board, but I'm starting to think that that may have been wrong. I'm not exactly going to become Zoella, but I do think it's worth examining further.
I returned to my youtube channel  here a couple of days back, which has been sitting there since 2012, and dug around in the analytics. Here's what I found:

  1. I have 151 subscribers. So what, you maybe thinking. However, there are also a shed load of youtube vid's out there on 'how to get to your first 100 subscribers' - I didn't realise I had them, I was just throwing a few vid's of stuff I'd filmed at exhibitions purely for my own amusement.

2. The age group of these people  (not surprisingly) is over 45 and 80% is over 55.

3. More than 70% of them have signed up from one particular item, this one . Which is about wire-in-tube point control. Most of the other videos on the list are layouts at shows and a few preserved line items. In other words what most of us would point a camera at.

This leads me to conclude that even though the traffic isn't high compared to some, it is a point where people are interested, even without me pushing it or even digging below the initial layer of interface - I'd never really thought to bother. The audience is middle aged male (ahem) and the item which is most popular isn't choo choos running. but a constructional piece with me droning on (no one likes their own voice).

Someone who I trust implicitly recently described me as 'a communicator'. I laughed, but after all nearly 10k of you kindly turn up here every month when I'm posting regularly and I do get grabbed at exhibitions and am genuinely flattered when people say they read this. I shall give this some further thought.


  1. A communicator...isn't that what they had on Star Trek?
    I didn't wonder too much where you'd got to (Facebook).
    Looked at YouTube only to find that I already am one of your hundred and whatever subscribers!
    See you at Pewsey? We're down that way for the weekend.
    Don't beam me up Scotty, I'm having a shiiiiii.....

    1. I see the magic mushrooms have kicked in at last. No Pewsey.

  2. A professional musician who hadn't realised he is communicator!

    Come on Chris. Different media. So what? You are a published author, a blogger and what is music if not a means of conveying a story, sentiment, ideas and emotions through the score and lyrics.

    Video is just another outlet.

    Just saying.

    1. Most pro musos just turn up and wait to be told what to do next; there ain't a lot of communication at times, but I take your point. I couldn't stand on stage and talk for an hour - that's what think of as a communicator.