Monday, 28 October 2019


I went to ExpoNG very much with my Editor's hat on (no, not the red topper). For me it was much the same as recent years in that I spend the whole time talking, cajoling people into writing articles and not much viewing. The standard is high and it was described as a 'pilgrimage' by one. Whether you want to see anything or not, if you are a narrow gauge modeller based in the South, you go. It's very much a shopping show with a chance to see the makers of small ranges that tend to be mail order only and to visit the 009 Society s/h sales stand
As is traditional here the scores are:
Exhibition 9
Catering  - the usual leisure centre 4, though there were no queues even at lunchtime. People have learnt to bring a packed lunch.
Rucksacks 4
Probably for the first time ever, I bought nothing, only leaving with a couple of books gifted from Stig to add to the GWR shelf. More on this later.


  1. I know that "spend the whole time talking, cajoling people into writing articles and not much viewing" feeling - I did the same at Exeter Garden Railway show on the same day!

  2. An unusual ExpoNG for me; I spent most of the day sitting behind a rapidly decreasing pile of books, coming out from behind the table only for a look round layouts for judging purposes and (later) to walk Gilly round the show when she arrived.
    My wallet escaped almost unscathed; I thought I'd got away with a fiver for a bodged but redeemable Jouef/Egger bogie flat but a last minute whizz round yielded a copy of the Quirks and Curiosities DVD (cos I'm in it!), a Fleischmann 0-4-0 chassis (20% off as it was near the end of the day) and a copy of the Darj' wagons book as I have a couple of Neil's tea vans to build.
    Hope you find the books useful...I managed to rehome nearly all the books I took and boost the wedding fund considerably!