Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Tri-ang Tuesday

I was tipped off today about this channel. Yeah OK, so he's a collector - or is he? There's a fine line between collecting, and running the stuff that you've accumulated. This guy obviously enjoys seeing the stuff run and the  range of accessories is quite impressive.
The Tria-ng/Hornby green 31 was where I came in; none of your O gauge tinplate and HD three rail, but proper plastic toy trains.
You can shut your eyes, breathe in and almost smell those warm XO4's.
When I'm old, this what I want to do.


  1. My God, those were the days. And hasn't he got a reassuring, nearly soporific, delivery. Today's super-detailing is not to be knocked (if you can see it) but those tough toys were cheap even then and have lasted 40-50 plus years. And yes, I can still recall the lovely smell of those X04 motors...

  2. "When I'm old, this what I want to do."

    But you are, young Sir! I remember doing the official photos of your milestone birthday and that was a while ago.................... The era of 3 times a night to the little room are almost upon you!