Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Walling for Pen-lan 009

Pen-lan 009 layout

Alternating between layouts at the moment and back to Pen-lan today for some cardboard chopping. In an ideal world I'd be laying card or plastic slabs like this . However, time is the enemy and there are deadlines to attack, so I fished out some Slaters sheet that I'd had for a long time, did a little painting of same, and cut it into two inch strips.

A base was made using packing card creating a curvy wall line along the rear of the board and the plastic sheet was stuck to it with a dab or two of UHU. All basic stuff and cost me zero to do. OK the wall is a bit on the flat side, but... The joins will be covered with some pipes or greenery.What happens now is that it starts to get a shape and looks like a layout very quickly.

Tomorrow some line testing with the new and improved Hopwood fiddle yard.

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