Thursday 7 November 2019

5 year plans revisited

Regulars will know that I'm running an epically long tidy up of old posts on here, relabelling some and making them easier to find and cross reference. Pointless? Maybe, but it is interesting for me in that I keep finding things that I'd forgotten (and some which I'm trying to forget and which get deleted). A case in point is here ; the possibly original five year plan devised by self with often layout building  accomplice Nigel Hill and written in 2012.

What is noticeable now having re-read this several years on from writing it is how much actually got done, and probably more pertinent; what didn't. Svanda NSB got built and is still with us, the 0-16.5 got built in the shape of Morton Stanley and isn't, and Rhiw got built and also isn't - though this has partially risen again in the shape of Hopwood courtesy of those nice people in Devon. Later in the text the Art of Compromise gets a mention and that has also been built and disposed of. And yet the first on the list: the American, has failed to become a reality despite having 90% of the materials needed. Why I'm not sure. For some reason that all important mental coming together of picture, materials and outlying plan hasn't quite got there yet.

Notable built absences are the 'Early British' this was designed to be a pastiche 1860s layout, and some bits and bobs have been gathered though it has so far failed to get the green light. Though the SR branch is now looking possible after the half built GWR.

This updated list may well now read:
  • (Finish Pen-lan)
  • GWR branch terminus
  • SR branch terminus
  • Southern Pacific Californian HO
  •  Something Germanic as Nigel has a base stock roster
  • N gauge WR
The wildcards are another 0-16.5 - again things in stock. An O gauge light railway - easy to get into that mindset much more now than before with RTR Terriers  costing barely more than OO scale locos.

All this does underline that the basic thrust of a long term plan for buying etc does work and most of the above save the O gauge could be done at negligible cost. I just need to live long enough to do it.


  1. These days I find myself planning about two layouts ahead and collecting stuff, e.g. British HO and 1:35 trams. That way things get done and you have time to wait for the bargains.

  2. With the new workshop for small scale work finally under constuction after over four years without one I'm running through my own plans. The Cambrian version of TAoC should be at the top of the list

    1. I look forward to that one.

    2. The question is do I wait for the new RTR EM track...

  3. C +L will sell you it now. Pays your money...